CDM 2015 Principal Designer & Principal Contrator

We specialise in making sense of safety with workable and proportionate advice

Sometimes safety can get a bad name in business.  We've been working hard for 20 years to turn that perception around by giving our clients advice which is sensible and proportionate.  We must be doing something right as we retain over 94% of our clients over a 5 year period.  If you'd like to hear more about how we can help you then please get in touch.

CDM 2015 Principal Designer.
We're working with designers on all types of projects from large mixed use developments to multimillion pound private house developments in the Cotswolds. We can support your own role as Principal Designer or step into the role ourselves as part of the design team, either way we have the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to help
CDM 2015 Principal Design Consultant.
We fulfil this role for many designers and architects. We assist them in the discharge of their duties using our many years of construction experience to provide focused help and support for one or members of the design team; reviewing design risk registers, advising on suitable measures to control reduce or eliminate risks and providing a point of support through a mixture of onsite, offsite and telephone support.
CDM 2015 Principal Contractor.
We have worked on behalf of the Principal Contractor since the first issue of the CDM Regulations in 1994 and have hundreds of projects under our belts. We respond quickly with a package of services which not only provide for the documents associated with the role such as the Construction Phase Safety Plan, but also support this with a flexible amount of site visits, toolbox talks, development of specific RAMS and so on, call us or complete our Proposal Request form to find out more.
Pre Contract Information, Health and Safety Plans, Health and Safety Files.
We have vast experience of workign at all levels wihtin the project from the Client to the sub contractor level.  We can assist in producing any or all of these documents and are also happy to provide real world focused advice to any CDM duty holder.  Whatever your need, question or requirement please contact us to find out more.
Contractor Assessment, Vetting of RAMS and Pre Qualification Questionnaires (PQQ).
For larger projects involving specialist trades and contractors we can provide valuable support.  Our work has involved many foreign contractors and high profile projects from highly secure defence sites to the British Museum. Rely on us to reliably assess any and all contractors you employ from artisan masons through to renewable energy specialists and everyone in between.

Contact us or ask us to call you back using the form below. We're always happy to meet and provide some answers followed by a clear cost proposal on how we could work together to turn safety from a worrisome burden to a integral part of your business. Contact us today to find out more.