Health & Safety Seminars and Breakfast Clubs

We specialise in making sense of safety with workable and proportionate advice

Sometimes safety can get a bad name in business.  We've been working hard for 20 years to turn that perception around by giving our clients advice which is sensible and proportionate.  We must be doing something right as we retain over 94% of our clients over a 5 year period.  If you'd like to hear more about how we can help you then please get in touch.

Monthly Breakfast Seminars for Contracting and Construction.
Focused hour long sessions to address the issues which are affecting you. We know that managing safety in contracting and construction presents unique challenges, meet with out experts and other clients to find out what how we're addressing these issues and what you should do.  Tea, coffee and breakfast included and no hard sell - that's a promise! Book your place here.
Bi Annual Breakfast Clubs including HR Advice.
Meet with us and our HR partners, HR Champions, at a choice of two venues in Gloucestershire and Wiltshire and get updates on what's new and what's changing in H&S and HR.  These are not networking events but you will get the chance to meet our other clients and make relationships with other similar businesses and find out how they manage their H&S and HR risk. Book your place here.
Working Well Together (WWT) support with HSE.
Our Managing Director, Roger Hart has been involved with the WWT Campaign for over 10 years and has served as Treasurer for the South west for the past 4 years. The WWT South west Group put on numerous free to attend events and also specific sessions for clients on issues like designer safety awareness and mock trial events, often with high level HSE Speakers, contact us with your details and we'll make sure you get invited to the next event.
Client specific safety awareness sessions.
Client awareness sessions on key topics such as occupational health, designing for health and safety and key note speeches at annual meetings.  We've delivered all of the above and would be very happy to hear about how we could help you, contact us for more details or call us on 01453 800100.

If you don't see exactly what you need listing above then please get in touch.  We're always happy to help support you and spread the word for health and safety within your organisation - use the contact fields below to get in touch or call us on 01453 800100 to talk about your requirements.